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Cuadro intense tracer talla M boost 27.5

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Cuadro con boleta, comprado a fines del 2017.

Varios extras, rodamientos originales de recambio.

650.000 algo conversables o recibo frenos magura, saint o hope como tambien un retractil 30.9 max de largo 380mm50cc2fb71957ea9bbd16cc21a6b3a17d.jpg1e46b51503c07d42c9ec10dd4a8eec92.jpg253ff411d9c3b1de14f5343aad8084bd.jpg9b89a16ef9c0c6a51d2c494c0f643d5e.jpg968988969e0c57ce3a261d644f3c38ef.jpgb624b723cf4488117a52e0f2a4b61650.jpg695d578e2963393065e4d05c58a3b743.jpg457f2e1f4c0afb2c71d2945cb5ad0848.jpg82fbef3f65cd676e554ab156c502614a.jpgd7f80522caf2499f0729b55f6149e0bc.jpg28380a673281d4d178bc471e63e97253.jpg10d6ab0e922e6ad66fc06de4e09c45b0.jpg


Enviado desde mi SM-G9650 mediante Tapatalk



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